Eurotech is North America's Source for Coroplast Tapes, CYG Tubing and Product Solutions from CYG Wayon, Intercable and Format Messtechnik GmbH

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The products that we sell and represent offer the latest technology in their respective areas. And they come to you from respected global companies that we’re proud to call our partners. Let Eurotech help you understand the technologies and benefits these products bring. Then let us help you leverage these technologies to optimize costs and enhance performance.

As a full service, value added company representing a small group of exclusive, advanced technology businesses located primarily in Europe and China including Coroplast, CYG, and Format® Messtechnik GmbH. We also design and manufacture our own select group of branded products.

Eurotech’s Product Lines:

Coroplast Tape Products

View our Coroplast tape products

CYG Tubing Products

View our CYG tubing products

CYG Wayon Circuit Products

View our CYG Wayon circuit products

Intercable Products

View our Intercable products

Format Foam Measurement Products

View our Format products

Eurotech's Branded Products

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