Eurotech Supports Format Foam Measuring Systems in North America

Eurotech is your foam measument source in North America.  Our partner, Format Messtechnik GmbH of Germany is a leading company in measurement devices for the polyurethane industry. Their Foam Qualification System, FOAMAT®, has set quality standards in measuring the foam generation process. Developed in cooperation with many raw material suppliers, system houses and foam producers, FOAMAT records key foam processing characteristics such as foam rise, foam height, reaction temperature, rise pressure, dielectric polarization and mass loss during foaming. Additional information such as viscosity, gelling and curing can also be derived from FOAMAT data. Other foam measuring, testing and monitoring systems are also available.

We support foam measurement products including:

  • FOAMAT Foam Qualification System
  • SubCASE Pot Life and Curing Monitor
  • Resimat Viscoelastic Foam Testing
  • Sonic Joker Thickness Measurement


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