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Eurotech is Proud To Be Intercable’s North American Partner

Renowned automotive manufacturers rely on the precision of Intercable. We can look back on many years of experience in the  processing of thermoplastics. Our cable protection systems can be found in almost all well-known car brands. Together with manufacturers, we develop and produce components on time for cars/trucks, agricultural machines and special-purpose vehicles.


Systems Trusted Across the World

From the development of plastic parts and components, to specialized battery and ring terminals, these product solutions include:

  • Battery Terminals
  • Ring Terminals
  • Backshells
  • Custom Plastic Parts

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Performance, Reliability, Efficiency & Safety

Car manufacturers across the world trust Intercable’s cable protection systems – their carefully thought-out design and advanced thermoplastic materials allow modern connection technology to function safely and efficiently. And the company’s decades of designing and manufacturing expertise extends beyond cable systems, into a broad range of manual tools and hydraulic attachments for live electrical work – including insulated scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, stripping and crimping tools, and short-circuiting and bridging devices.

Widely-known and respected, these tools provide the performance, reliability, efficiency and safety required for critical electrical work, which is why the company leads not only the Italian wholesale market, but has partnered with other specialized local and international companies like Eurotech, developing advanced solutions for the industrial and energy market the world over.


You Ask, We Deliver

Intercable holds its customers in the highest regard – their specifications, legal requirements, and satisfaction are always striven to be met – and every effort is made to prevent or minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing, transport and use of Intercable’s wide range of electrical, metal and plastic products.

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