Eurotech's VAVE, Warranty and Should-Cost Analysis Services

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VAVE, Warranty and Should Cost Analysis Services

VAVE Analysis: Value Analysis/Value Engineering is a systematic and organized procedural decision-making process. It has been used in almost any kind of application. It helps people creatively generate alternatives to secure essential functions at the greatest worth as opposed to costs.

Warranty Analysis: Warranty costs – which have reached $70 billion annually in the US alone – are a huge expense for global manufacturers, and high-profile product recalls are in the headlines almost daily. Product quality has become an important differentiator, and that makes communicating warranty information across the organization more critical than ever.

Should-Cost Analysis: Should-Cost Analysis was developed to assist procurement executives in determining fair and reasonable pricing and is embedded in procurement practices. It was adopted by industry beginning in the 1980’s, and today is the dominant technique used by best in class outsourcing companies. Should-Cost Analysis involves determining what a product should cost based on materials, labor, overhead, and profit margin.

Eurotech specializes in VAVE, Warranty and Should-Cost Analysis services and has helped many of it’s client optimize costs.

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