Window & Door Adhesive Tape

Self-Adhesive Solutions for Window & Door Applications


Flexible & Advanced Production

Our partner, Coroplast Tape, manufactures adhesive tape to meet your individual requirements. Furthermore, they offer technical consultation for your window or door application and are happy to support you in optimizing your process with further integration of these adhesive tape products. Eurotech is a proud member of the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) and Coroplast Tape offers AAMA Certified Products.

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Window & Door Adhesive Tape Application Examples

  • Muntin Bar Bondings
  • Dry Glazing
  • Fixation of Spacer “Warm Edge”
  • Self-Adhesive Window Latch Gasket
  • Attachment of Components to Glass And Powder-Coated Surfaces
  • Window & Door Flashing
    • Rolls with Split Liner
    • Rolls with Double Split Liner
    • Fingerlift
    • Perforations


Level Wound Spools

Appropriate for machine applications, Coroplast Tape can offer a range of tapes on level wound spools. Product widths of 1/8 inch to 11/8 inch are available (depending on material) on 3 inch and 6 inch cores. To accelerate the application process you can order level wound spools with extended liners.

Die-Cut Tape Parts

Choose custom-designed die-cut parts from a range of product options: on rolls, on sheets, single parts, perforated, with or without fingerlift or overlapping liners. Tape production and conversion occurs at the same site, reducing timing and costs.

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To offer an effective service, Coroplast Tape is able to produce individual die-cut part prototypes on a laser or plotter, so you can test them integrated in your process – fast and independent from serial production, prior to tooling investments.

Small Batch Production

Beside prototyping and serial production we can offer customized die-cut tape parts also for smaller volumes.

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